Monday, December 24, 2007

Used Generated content (Video sharing) vs. Professional Video Content

The latest issue of Television Week's (Dec 17) article discusses cross promotion among video sharing sites. Veoh , Revision3, Next New Networks and are quoted as successful examples to build traffic from one another. This is a phenomenon discussed in the Webcasting Worldwide Book about the different business models of content aggregators and a media brand site. Most video-sharing sites are content aggregators to maximize reach of audience and they don't have offline media counterparts to support them. The way they can succeed is to draw audiences from everywhere and provide with as diversified as possible the content for one-stop viewing. Surfers are who they will get as audiences. Branded media sites have their own unique content and already capture some followers from their offline media counterparts. An article I wrote four years ago in Journal of Interactive Advertising discusses the two different strategies employed by media companies in providing their services online: Brand integration and brand extension. Although most of the TV web sites are still supportive as brand integration, more and more TV web sites evolve as self-sufficient online video sites.

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