Thursday, October 04, 2007

Webcast turned local

Our department's alumnus, Mr. Mark Geyman, President of Ohio Biz Web Consulting, visiting our campus last Friday durinig the homecoming weekend. He spoke to a class and showed his web page that compiles all Ohio webstreaming services at You will be impressed how prevalent is the use of Webcasting by local media. We should be grateful to the many people like Mark who devotes time to compile and aggregate content for us consumers. I hope more people will know about this service.

With its huge capacity, there are two directions that the Web can go: Being more local and being more global. Both depth and breadth should be examined for the future of Webcasting.

NBC new business model emphasize the multiple media platforms while curbing piracy

NBC Universal's Jeff Zucker announced the various viewing platforms for its audience. In today''s Broadcasting and Cable, he explained the multiple platforms the network is offering to its audience. For anyone who might miss Thursday night's debut of 30 Rock: A viewer can stream it free at; download it free-of-charge and keep it for seven days, also at; buy it at and keep it "forever"; watch it "on-demand" on some cable and satellite systems; watch it on a cell phone; "in a few weeks" time, stream it at, the new joint venture with News Corp.; or even buy the DVD at the end of the season. What this means is that Webcast is being instituted as a regular part of the TV network's channel for delivery and that Webcast will compete with other platforms for the alternative TV audience. The new business model is whenever and however you want to watch or own the TV program, the network will give you options. You pay for ownership and convenience.
He reiterated the concern for protecting the content property rights. What is then the advantage of putting it on the Web? The accessibility and interactivity are the key to success in webcasting. The multiple transmission options (on demand, download and live streaming) that NBCU adopted meet the Accessibility component of the ACR model in the Webcasting Worldwide book. The only option that NBCU has not explored is push.