Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Online video statistics

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Posted by Peggy Miles in Webcasting Digest

The market for online content services worldwide is expected to expand by a
factor of 10, growing from about 13 million households during 2005 to more
than 131 million households by 2010, reports
<http://www.instat.com/press.asp?ID=1722&sku=IN0602973CM> high-tech market
research firm In-Stat <http://www.in-stat.com> (via
> MediaPost). Of all broadband households today, 12.8 percent
are already regularly viewing professional content via online content
aggregators. The number of broadband households is expected to double
between 2005 and 2010, to more than 413 million
In-Stat's research, "Online Content Aggregators - AOL, Google, Yahoo!, MSN,
Apple - Slowly Defining the Future of Television," covers the worldwide
market for online video services. The report asserts that consumers will
very soon be able to access, on demand, a vast store of video programs.
In-Stat predicts that this consumer-controlled delivery will be dominated by
major content aggregators like AOL, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Apple.
"The future of television is slowly being defined online, where the big
internet portals are finding ways to blend professional video with their
high-touch services that follow consumers from screen to screen during the
course of a typical day," says report author Gerry Kaufhold, In-Stat
"AOL, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Apple, major broadcast TV networks, pay-TV
services and local TV stations are all working on ways to blend their video
assets with personalized TV services."