Friday, May 25, 2007

Webcasting go local and local webcasting go national/international

The recent news about CNN's cooperation with Internet Broadcasting is very significant to the webcasting industry. Now CNN's web site is going to show 70 local TV stations' news streams and local TV stations' web site will include CNN's stream means that they bring visitors to one another. No matter users chose to start with a local TV station site or CNN, they can get the same content. The resultant increase in news audience size will definitely boost advertising value to advertisers. Although no details are revealed how the revenue will be shared, it is clear that with CNN dropping premium services, advertising will become the main advertising source for its webcast. Let's see how receptive are advertisers to such double coverage and also the expanded scope of users from local to national/international or from national/international news to local.

Webcasting researchers beware: new research opportunity and redefinition of the audience scope of webcasting.

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